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In 2005, we made a conscious decision to establish a company that would not conform to the traditional manufacturing stereotypes, but instead create a strong bond between skilled people and flawless technology. After years of experience, we are convinced that it was the right decision. We believe that only by meeting the growing demands of the market can we satisfy our customers’ needs and achieve competitiveness in the progressive manufacturing environment. Contact us to learn more about how our unique approach can benefit your business.

We are a Slovak company with extensive experience in understanding customers from Western Europe. We specialize in the production and supply of components made of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Our customers include manufacturers of final products in various market segments, especially in the food, packaging, automotive, and railway industries. All products are manufactured in our production facilities in southern Slovakia. The production processes for stainless and standard steel are separated to prevent possible contamination of stainless products. The majority of our products are exported to foreign markets.

We understand that the quality of our products is directly linked to the improvement and education of our employees. That’s why our priority is to develop the knowledge and qualification levels of all our staff to meet demanding international standards and the detailed specifications of our customers. Stable improvement in the quality of production, meeting strict delivery deadlines, and constantly improving processes are the foundation of our philosophy.

At our company, you will find a well-coordinated production team consisting of traders, technologists, purchasers, logisticians, quality control specialists, and manufacturing employees. Each team member can rely on the stable support of administrative staff, which ensures that the company functions precisely as it should.

At our company, quality stems from a professional approach and continuous monitoring of manufacturing processes. All activities within the organization are systematically managed by an information system (ERP), enabling us to reliably manage processes and meet confirmed delivery deadlines. Our production process is managed by a capacity planning system.

We believe that success does not come from constantly reducing costs at the expense of quality, but rather from thoughtful improvement of employee expertise and implementation of modern production technologies. We hold certifications in DIN EN 15085-2 CL1 and EN ISO 9001:2008.